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Speaker Biography

Julia Stanley

Julia Stanley heads up SOVA’s operations in the North, overseeing programmes and projects that deliver support services to a variety vulnerable and economically and socially excluded individuals and groups. Her work has had a specific focus on offender employment. With a strong business background Julia is responsible for SOVA Recycling, the charity’s first social enterprise based in Sheffield and run by ex-offenders in the community.

Julia started out with SOVA as a volunteer working with ex-offenders on licence in the community and went on to manage a wide range of projects both in and out of custody. She has a great commitment to volunteering and a strong advocate for harnessing the power of mentoring.

A qualified counsellor, entrepreneur and trained chef, Julia’s broad experience has helped SOVA to build its portfolio and reach. Prior to SOVA she spent time working in urban regeneration with the heavy industries in the East end of Sheffield.