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Speaker Biography

Greg Yates

Greg Yates, Spokesperson, Clearwater Gypsies

Greg Yates has been a Gypsy activist for the last 10 years. After his site made case law in a land mark case linking Gypsy Law to the Human Rights Act. Greg runs a residential and transit site at his home Clearwater, in West Sussex.

Greg now works with planners and solicitors to help get land passed for gypsies and travellers. He also works with councils to work through the planning matrix to get gypsy sites passed for the local authority.

Greg is a trustee of F.F.T a national charity for all gypsy and traverler people, a member of the national federation of gypsy lesion groups and sits on the all party parliamentary committee for gypsy and traveller law reform in the house of commons as part of the traveller law and reform project.

Greg does lots of work in schools trying to encourage positive images of gypsies and explaining their history, culture and lifestyle. He also organizes events for museums such as the Romany roots event.


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