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Speaker Biography

Paul Spencer

 Paul  Spencer
Paul is Director of Transformation at Norwich City Council.

Paul Spencer is an experienced manager, with over 20 years working in senior positions at all different levels of government – central, Unitary, County and District. His roles have been largely in corporate services (e.g. Finance, HR, ICT and Customer Services), but always with an emphasis on driving through major change programmes.

For the last 18 months he has been leading Norwich City Council’s unitary bidding process. This has built on his previous experience of implementing a new unitary council in Milton Keynes in the last round of re-organisations in the late 1990’s.

Paul was born in Norwich, and is therefore delighted to have been recently appointed as the City Council’s director of Transformation, and to lead the unitary implementation process, which will have such a major beneficial impact on the future of the city, and the wider eastern region.

Updated: Nov 07