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Speaker Biography

Ioannis Sarmas

Member of the European Court of Auditors

Degree in Law from the University of Athens (1975-1979)

Diplomas of Further Studies from the University of Paris II, Sorbonne, in Criminal Law, Public Law and Public Finance, and a State Doctorate in Law (1980-1985). Military Service (1984-1986).

Magistrate in the Greek Council of State (1987-1993).

Magistrate at the Hellenic Court of Audit (1993). Section President (1999-2001).

Appointed to the European Court of Auditors as a Member (2002) and term of office was renewed (2008). Appointed Dean of audit group (2007-2009).

Since 1 June 2010, Member responsible for Audit Development and Review in the CEAD Chamber “Coordination, evaluation, assurance and development”.

Taught Law Methodology and Public Finance at the Greek National School of Public Administration (1989-1999) and the Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Communities and of the European Court of Human Rights at the Greek National School for the Judiciary(1997-2001).


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